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Originally Posted by 600Bob View Post
I just bought a used Rad. Pro without RX. I have an AR8000 and an AR6115e. I was thinking of installing the AR8000 but can't find a good place for the Sat. Would it work OK if mounted on top of the ESC? Or should I just use the AR6115e?

Whadda ya think?
The AR6115e would probably be OK, if you don't plan to push the Radian very far from the field. I used to fly my Easy Glider with an AR 61XX and I push them out to where they are dots in the sky. Never had a range problem.

But standard wisdom says you want to use the AR8000.

You should have room along the wall of the nose area. I would not put it on top of the ESC. While they should not interfere with each other, putting a receiver on top of a device that emits RF noise is not a good practice.

If you want you can tape it on top of the fuselage, behind the canopy. Nothing will block its view from there. I have done it.
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