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Originally Posted by dave1993 View Post
if they also have exactly the same controls, exactly the same processor, and run exactly the same software with exactly the same display screens... then yes.

i guess to less geeky users the chrome is what "makes" a radio. maybe the excitement will die down a bit when it starts to wear or flake off.
All I am saying is that the 9XR is not better than the 9X. It is simply different.

If you want a DX8 replacement/alternative, the 9XR will serve you well. I love to mod things to oblivion, and the Turnigy 9X already has YEARS of support, mods, hacks, and information behind it.

If you need DSMX because you are invested in it, that is great. But if you are getting it without having DSMX already, there are better options to go.

The 9XR is the more expensive option, and while the backlight and pinout and the DSMX and antenna plug thing are cool, its nothing that I can't already get if I purchased a 9X.

If there is an issue with a Turnigy 9XR, you are going to have a HELL of a time finding what you are looking for. Some people on the web almost literally have the blueprint and the source code for the whole thing to reproduce it, and there are already MANY tutorials on how to do almost anything you need to.

The 9X without the module is also one of the best values you can get in an 8 CH radio!

For many the 9XR will be better, due to the fact that it is simple, and is pretty much a Spektrum replacement. It also looks pretty darn cool. But for others, the 9X would be a better option, because it already has hold in the community.
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