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Originally Posted by dave1993 View Post
like a few here you dont seem to realize the 9xr IS a 9x. it is not a new design at all. just a 9x with a few of the bugs fixed (but uglier faceplate). a 9x with dsm module or a 9xr with flysky module are close to the same thing. either way will cover 90% of the models out there at a fraction the cost of any "brand" setup. cheaper AND more flexible.
It has a different transmission protocol, different casing design, different interface, additional connectors, new knobs and switches....some 9x circuitry and parts might be buried somewhere in there, but there is certainly enough new stuff to differentiate it from the 9x.

My JR radio probably shares a few switches, resisters, transistors, and battery connectors with my futaba...does that make them the same radio?

when we were flying 35 MHz, 72MHz, etc, we all could see which frequency the others and ourselvers had and ask, use a peg from a frequency board, etc..
With 2.4GHz arrival that is not necessary anymore, hence there is no more education about it.. forgotten.. gone.
Now, if suddenly 2 transmitter modules are using the same GUID, that is a BIG problem as you can't see it until some other model was controlled, or crashed, by it..
Ok, it is very unlikely say the numbers, but don't forget Murphy. He is just around the corner..
When I was a kid, my dad was big into RC planes. Getting "shot down" (or at least having a near miss until someone realized what they had done) by someone taking your frequency was a near weekly occurance at the flying club. People would forget to take their frequency pin off the board while they were flying, or someone would do a quick range check of their radio thinking just turning it on "for a second in the parking lot" wasn't a big deal. Even with a peg system in place to prevent more than one frequency from being used, I'd say your chance of getting shot down was 100x higher back 10 years ago on 72mhz, than it is now...even if you have 50 of these DSM2 clone TXs at your field at once.

I'm sure at some point, someone will have a story of being shot down by an orangeRX DSM2 module. It's inevitable if they sell enough of them. But that will be one person out of probably 100,000 units sold. I'll take those odds over the old 72mhz system any day of the week.
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