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I'm planning on building a twin engine plane with about a 26" wing span (I know, might be a bit big to be called a "Micro", but it is 1/24th scale); all 1/32" balsa (fuselage crutches will be 2 layers laminated 1/32) construction and fully sheeted in 1/32", retractable landing gear, and probably at least 200mah battery capacity. I'm guessing it will weight some where around 4-5 ounces, perhaps as much as 6.

Now, the props to scale would be about 6" in diameter and three blade; is that getting a little big for the mustang motors, and where can I get props that size and counter rotating?

If I have no choice but to use the mossy props, would they along with the mustang motors be able to haul a plane of this size?

Assuming the mustang motors won't do the job with 6" props, what about an AP05 brushless with the same props and a two cell power set up?

Thank you for the help in advance.
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