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Originally Posted by addifromgermany View Post

how are your flight times with your v450d01? I just flyied today some slow circles and eights at about -2degrees Fahrenheit and hab a total flight time of 11.30minutes.
I am using 2200mah 45c turnigy batteries and low headspeed of about 2200-2400rpm and had a little reserve of a couple of second to land safely :-)

Is it possible to fly over 15minutes with a 3000mah batterie? Anyone tried this?
3000mah battery is going to be a very tight fit under the canopy. But the higher you go in mAh, the longer you can expect flights to be. I have never had longer than a 5-6 minute flight on the V450D01. But i fly pretty aggressively and at idle up, minimum of 90% throttle @ 3100rpm. I live in a warm climate where it's 70-80 (F) during the day, even this time of year. Today is one of the coldest days of the year at around 58-60. For you, the cold weather is effecting the chemical reactions in your batteries too. In the cold, the electrons are not able to flow as quickly or as abundantly through your battery and into your ESC. The cold slows them and the chemical process in the battery down. You can expect shorter flights in higher temperatures, i would think. Since your probably not flying very aggressively or pitch pumping to cause strain on the motor, plus you are running a super low head speed. The batteries are probably capable of keeping up with your flights and produce nice long flights because of the combo of things you have going on in your setup. Just keep in mind that you need to attempt to keep your battery above 50(F) for them to function properly. Once installed on the heli, hopefully the motor running will keep them warm enough. But it's something you should keep in mind. Trying to over discharge a cold pack could damage the pack possibly or make it puff or something. It's probably not great for the life and service life of the battery. You should also not charge your packs when they are super cold or hot either. Charging them in the wrong chemical state can also be degrading. Your setup is not discharging as rapidly as, say my setup does, for instance. But, keeping the packs a little warm before using them should keep them functioning properly.

Just my opinion, but for your low RPM setup you probably only need 20-30C packs. Unless the higher C packs work better in the cold or something. Otherwise i would save some money in that aspect. Higher C packs are often bigger and heavier too. For 3D on my 3200 rpm setup @ 100% throttle, i still only use 20C packs. I have a 40C pack that does give slightly higher head speed though out the whole flight. It does perform better, mostly when it was new. But it's not worth the nearly double the cost, IMO. So i stick with the cheap 20-30C turnigy packs for and maybe add some low ESR capacitors to the battery line. My packs don't run incredibly hot or puff after a flight unless my ESC's capacitors are broken off (this happens to me often. Vibration breaks the cap's pins and they fall off). I know when i take a pack off my heli after a flight. If it's overly hot or slightly puffy. Chances are my capacitors have broken contacts again or something else is wrong.
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