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It is a little hard to hear my "notes" while watching the video and I want to let you know what I think is going on during the stall and spin tests, starting just before the 50-second mark. I had the elevator full aft with just the faintest bit of power before it stalled. You can clearly see the left wing falling slightly at the break, but as soon as the nose came down it started flying again, as soon as I got off the elevator.

As for the spin a few seconds later in the next shot, you can see the left wing drop in the initial rotation, it then hesitates briefly after the stall and then begins to spin to the left. It then stopped its rotation as soon as I released the controls. I think what happened here was that it took that acceleration after the initial tip stall to make the control inputs effective again and actually start spinning. Note also that we were flying with pretty aggressive control inputs. It does not want to depart stable flight without a lot of encouragement from the sticks.

The Kingfisher is good fun. And from what I have seen of the structure while working on this one and looking at Mike's second, it ought to be an easy build. I am definitely looking forward to building mine after the first of the year and getting out to the lake a bunch as soon as the weather warms again.
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