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Fooman, you make some valid points, but don't let anyone convince you that a handful of overpaid dock workers as justification to break unions. Are there abuses? Sure. But don't throw out the baby with the bathwater.

To respond to your anecdote about the two shipyards, consider for a moment that the non-union one has to offer wages to compete with the union pay scale, otherwise they would have no employees. Think the difference in pay is a coincidence? So even non-union workers benefit from strong unions.

I live in Germany, known as a workers paradise. I earn more in Germany than I could in the states, enjoy a higher standard of living at lower living costs, fantastic healthcare, and receive the German labor standard 6 weeks of paid vacation per year. The same amount as the Angolan janitor who takes care of the building I work in, and the Turkish lady who cleans my office. Just one of the many reasons for so little class segregation in Germany, and so little crime.

The worst part of living abroad is the 2 weeks I go home at Christmas and have to watch my relatives struggling to make it in a broken economy.

And let me give you a little hint, the good jobs are never coming back. Your children will almost certainly need to master a foreign language to have a chance at a career after college.
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