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The thing that is missed is that the wages they are arguing for are far from a LIVING wage. I would bet that they houses those port of LA workers live in were built by framers (the vast majority of which are non-union) that make a heck of a lot less than they do. I would bet that the guy who installed their satellite dishes (the vast majority of which are non-union) makes a hell of a lot less per year. I will bet that the guys who paint their union hall (which you and I both know could be union, but the union will NOT pay the %30 extra it would cost for a union painter to do it). Now do those people not make a LIVING wage?

Unions have gone from protecting the rights of workers to protecting their OWN interests to the EXCLUSION of the companies that those workers labor for! Two shipyards in Jacksonville, FL; one is union (they are always hiring, because they cannot fire anyone), they have 28 cranes and over 100 union crane operators (who spend 7 months a year 'laid off due to lack of work'), yard next door (non-union) has 18 cranes (and 35 crane drivers (3 shifts but not all the cranes are used every day). The second yard pays exactly 11% less than the first, what are the union dues for the crane drivers? 10%!! When the union threatens to strike for higher money and benefits (neither yard really offers them) which yard pulls the plug and shuts down, putting 1200 people out of work? The union yard! The other yard staggers along till other conditions kill it half a decade later, still paying less than the union yard had (allowing for inflation)

Right to work is not an anti-union argument it is a I refuse to pay someone who thinks they know more about my interests than I do argument! If I can put that amount of money I would pay in union dues in my pocket and not pay for a union negotiator, shop steward, councilman, or president in MY pocket. If I do not like the conditions at a company or job site than I can go elsewhere I KNOW what my skills are worth and what it should take for a company to be able to do business (if I didn't then I shouldn't be working). If I over-value those skills to the detriment of that organization then I hurt the company. Yes unions helped make this country but they are STRANGLING it now with their self-interested demands.
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