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Originally Posted by Mtz View Post
Of course the #16 developer can make this angled cable and I don't understand the reason why he don't want this. I think nobody will refuse an angled cable for this camera.
Most people into RC have basic soldering skills. It's pretty easy to make your own angled cables. I have linked an eBay source for the plugs a number of times already. Making your own cables has the advantage of making the cable exactly the length you want and only using the wires that you need. You can also use lighter cables if weight is a problem. I have made many of these angled cables in the past. For example, I have made cables for external power only (2-wire), video-out only (2 wires) or a combination of the two (4 wires or 3 wires).
I use a 5-pin female socket for easier cable testing, to ensure no wires are reversed

Here are the right-angled plugs without the casing - the plugs themselves are "straight" - and the finished cable.

And here's a pickie of a video-out + power "test" cable I had at hand, sorry, not right-angled.

BTW, yesterday I added a note about the connections in the "power posting" linked a few posts back. I always try and keep my indexed posts up to date, but as Tom has noted, it becomes difficult given all the modifications this camera has undergone. Luckily most modifications are firmware-related.

When you look at an "old" post, always look at the date the post was last edited. More likely than not the important posts will be up to date, unless there have not been any changes. I am constantly updating the "power post" and the "GUI post" but I don't waste bandwidth by announcing the changes unless something very important has been changed.
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