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kmot - rejecting laissez faire capitalism does not make me a liberal.

"We the People, in order to form a more perfect union" Right in the first line of the constitution, America is spelled out as a nation built on the concept of a cohesive society. So don't reject socialism as a foreign concept, it has been a part of America from the beginning. Unionized labor is not socialism, communism, or any other political caricature pushed by the right. It is Americanism.

Union busters and the far-right "right to work" crowd are the true communists, striving to create a broad, divided, and easily controlled underclass where workers should shut up and accept the pittance they are offered, fall in line behind the others, and thank the gods of capitalism for the 39-hour week they are given.

I've been to many Chinese factories, and I've seen the way they work, side by side, in total silence. They are required to sign pledges that they wont kill themselves on company property. Only these aren't forced laborers, they need these jobs. And so the pay and working conditions are deplorable. And no better opportunities exist. That is not only communism, it is pure capitalism.

And pure capitalism dictates that as long as the costs of labor overseas and shipping to our shores (including port fees and duties) are even $0.10 cheaper per hour than paying an American to do the same work, the manufacturing jobs simply are not coming back.
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