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I thought I would chime in with my experience. First off, I put 3" wheels for takeoff on grass. Ironically, on my first two days I flew, there was no wind. It was hit and miss on the first day, with it tilting left after pulling elevator. I spun the rotor up as fast as I could before takeoff.
I finally somehow got the main rotor spinning fast enuff and ROG (Rose off grass) after driving around like an RC car for a while. Flew great. I have attempted this 6 or 7 times and haven't found the right AOA to get that damn thing spinning reliably.

I've flown a lot of trainer/warbird conventional gear planes off this field with the drag also, but powered through the drag with many watts.

On this 1" grass, no other choice, I still have a LOT of problems lifting off without looking like a Benny Hill outtake on a day with no wind. I was thinking about a motorized spinner thing that would spin the head up to 300 RPM or so. I'm not sure I'm that enamoured with the Auto experience to construct something like this spinner device though.

Anyway, it's different. I'll mess around with it this winter.
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