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Wayne good luck on the landing gear,

David no you don't want to swap prop numbers like that your talking the difference of a 7 inch prop to a 13 inch prop not a good idea for the life of the engine

Think of the prop numbers like this
13x7. 13 represents the length and swing, the 7 represents the amount of pull per revolution. Think of putting the prop in a solid liquid like a jello when the prop spins 1 full time around it would pull through the jello a total of 7 inches. So if it was a 13x8 it would travel 8 inches. So as you decrease the 1st number it would make the revolution faster so a 12x8 would cut 8" through the jello a tad faster as it doesn't take the prop as long to make the full revoluition and less load on the engine. But to drop to a 7X13 would probably cause your engine to over rev and burn it up.
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