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Originally Posted by JimHSoars View Post
Hi BB Fans:

I have 4 questions:

3 about wheels for the BB:

Shown in your 2nd pic in post #4813. are wheels that look fairly wide that I might like to use. Where can I get them?

In post #6369:

I can not find any of the 52mm GWS wheels you mentioned above. They look fairly wide. Could you suggest where I can get them please.
These don't appear as widely available as they once were. It took me three tries to find 'em.

Finally in #5760 you mention DuBro wheels:

I have a pair of Dubro's 2 1/4" ultra light park flyer wheels. They have axel holes significantly larger than the 0.078 (2mm) wire. Which DuBros wheels are you refering to above?
I was erroneously referring to the DuBro park flyer wheels ( in response to the post immediately above.

BB Airfoil:
You talk about the Rankin 4-40 airfoil and I have asked you directly about it. Did Tony actually use this airfoil or did you modify the 33 inch BB you made to the 4-40?

I appreciate you are very busy. I thank you for your time with my questions.

- Jim Holliman
Tulsa, OK
This post, not far from one of mine you linked to, contains the answer to this question.

I widened the monoblock to 2 inches. I made no other aerodynamic changes.

Also, the designer himself, in the very first post in this thread, says he used the 4-40 airfoil.
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