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Cogging issue with Car BL Inrunner

I have a Turnigy Sensored 9.5T inrunner that I have put in a car. I am using a sensorless ESC to spin it. When starting, the motor is really tough to get started. Once it starts moving, then it has power and seems to run smoothly. My question is if you suspect something wrong with the motor, or is it the fact that I have a sensorless ESC conencted to it? I have the same ESC in another car with a sensorless motor in it and it runs smoothly. I am on the fence between it being a design issue with the sensored motor/sensorless ESC or a bad winding. I took the motor apart. Each winding is wrapped around a singly tooth on the stator(not sure the proper term). The rotor has one single north and one single south pole. Wuld this be a 2 pole motor then? It seems unimagineable that this could spin. I haven't seen something with so many poles.

I welcome your feedback.
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