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Hey John… Good to hear from you and thanks for the compliment . Yeah, I’ve been on the side-lines contemplating one of these forever, it seems. I suppose with all the hype that has been focused around them for the last 3-4 years, especially more recently with all the knock-offs it was inevitable that I at least try one. My skills could sure use a boost and the claims by some, how it instilled newly found confidence, somehow magically taking their flying abilities to new heights, now pulling off an array of manoeuvres with absolute ease & precision. Who wouldn’t want some of this action?

Well…. It didn’t quite pan out that way for me, although there were fleeting moments, here and there, where it did hold a defined course without pitching. On my fifth flight, although a tad apprehensive I pulled off my 1st backyard FBL flip (sounds kind of funny considering this maneuver has been part of almost every flight for the last few years) and I still manage to screw them up from time to time as in - sloppy, sloppy ! Anyhow, this one was no different than my better ones with a FB. Perhaps it exited somewhat smoother, or was that my imagination. Mind you, I am still using the default settings and I had the Pitch/Cyclic dialed back to 10/8 respectively. It was solid with no wags or wiggles, but so is a 401.

By seasons end, as mentioned in my prior post I had 20 FBL flights with 8 of them at the park. Most important- having fun and enjoying this hobby (good hobbies help make for a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle) Perhaps next year I’ll break free of the same ol’ manoeuvres.

Anyhow… who knows - FBL may grow on me and this time next season I’ll be singing a completely different tune and raving like the rest of the gang…

Yes, deals are to be had on FB stuff for sure. What a steal on your latest Swift purchase . It takes some real discipline to pass up a spectacular deal (I can’t) if there is such a thing as discipline in this hobby .

Also of note – the canopy is a beauty. Good to hear/read that you are still having a blast. Great hobby with many challenges. Your vids have been awesome and I’m sure a motivator for many…
BTW… No matter what size the hangar, us hobbyists will always manage to find a little space……….. somehow .
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