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I'm now actually kind of glad this kit comes with a flybarred head, it's proven to be very useful for scavenging parts. After my test flight wall crash I came away with a mildly bent feathering shaft, and lost one of the raced bearings in the blade grips. I also broke a link hole on a pitch link, it was already way too lose to begin with.

I was thinking I'd just steal the feathering shaft from the flybarred head and stick it in the HK flybarless head, but it's too long so I've instead used the flybarred blade grips with the flybarless head. the Ball link shaft on the blade grips is a bit too short on the flybarless grips and they aren't transferable from one set of grips to the other so my pitch links now have a couple degrees of angle. Hardly a perfect solution, but at least the links I'm using won't fall off if I breathe on them. I'm hoping this holds me over until I go with another head.

So folks, is the Align head considered the best bet out there with align ball links and swash? I'm looking for something with good parts support and quality and no slop, all suggestions are welcome. I see feathering shafts on the website but it's no obvious if it's for FB or FBL setups.

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