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Originally Posted by SenorNeekers View Post
So progress on this is slow as I have a lot of other projects on the go right now.
That being said, I've gotten the base plate all stained up and mounted the engine, as well as the push-pull rod for throttle control. I'm hoping that I'll be able to mount the electronics onto this plank, but with the boiler taking up space it'll be tight.
Here is a pictures showing the engine beside a condenser and what I originally thought was going to be my boiler shell.

Upon acquiring the pipe, I noticed it's not the right kind of pipe. Mandrel formed, but not rolled after. After discussing this with my pipefitter friend, he mentioned that this type of copper tends to split over time, even without load.
He also mentioned that he has lots of thicker pipe, of sizes up to 4" diameters, so clearly I am going to have to go that route.

Considering the price I paid for this piece of copper, even if I just use it as forming practice, I think it was a good buy.

I also got around to laser cutting and assembling the first piece of the boat that this will go on. Most of the pieces will be cut from cheap plywood, but things that will be highly visible, like the Rudder and Transom, I want to look a little nicer.
I used some scrap 1/8" local Alder from work. One side had previously been etched, but since I was planning on sandwiching them up to 1/4" thickness, this wasn't an issue.
The brass rods are where the rudder will connect to the boat. Aiming for a more prototypical look here. Of course now that I upload it, I realize it should have another post at the base. Oh well, plenty of time to add it later.
I would suggest that instead of wood for the base, go with aluminum like I did. Wood may warp over time and will require more maintenance. Also the aluminum acts like a giant heat sink and makes for a more rigid assembly if you combine a 1/8" sheet bottom with angle sides. You can see a picture of what I'm talking about at

The boilers are custom made Maccsteams 3" dia x 10" long. PM Research sells some nice complete boiler kits - they include everything you need but soldering skill. The horizontal kit also includes a functional pressure dome. It is designed for solid fuel but I am building mine to take a ceramic burner on the end and leaving off the stand.

Good luck!
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