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Originally Posted by daddiozz View Post
Just a thought .Has anyone considered the possibility of perhaps putting together a pettition to MPX imploring them to bring back the SL and perhaps a few other "classic" designs ?Updated of course ,perhaps a special limited edition?Personally I'd be willing to pay upwards of $300-500 US for a NIB SL including shipping.
I really like this idea but unfortunately, I think your price range is realistic which means that it would be pretty hard to get a good number of folks willing/able to pay that much for a foamy. If their production is anything like Horizon, a batch sufficient large to justify setting up the tooling is approximately 200 kits. I am very confident that selling 200 kits at the typical $100-$150 USD price range for the kit would be feasible but at $300 (the plausible low end) it would be difficult.

If the plane came as an RX ready package for that price, it would be much more appealing...but I suspect Hitec/Himax have largely gone out of the inrunner that's unlikely.

I'd love to be proven wrong on that...but IMO, this goes against the nature of the foamy market.

This is why I believe Hobbyking (etc) could do very well with this kit since their overhead is so much smaller and their customer base is broader. Just guessing by their pricing on similarly complex foam kits, they could probably beat that original price by a good margin and sell a ton of them.

The SL is a beautiful model but it also has the potential to be enjoyed when flown wrecklessly, exploiting the canards and/or thrust differential...but when a pilot pays too much for the kit, high-alfa flying a few feet off the deck is much less fun and a lot more scary.
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