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Originally Posted by Throttlejunkie View Post
Cheers Guy's,

@Guru, i suppose i am lucky to have that bit of dirt to ride on & it is only a couple of min's from home which is great.

@John, i love the slow mo stuff i laughed when i first watched it & thought you might like the takeouts lol, my mate has to learn throttle control though he was all over the track & he was cheating by not hitting the berms, yes i have to remember hit the front wheel

@Dave, i will have to see if i can find my small witches hats they are only about 200mm high to use for corner markers & i was thinking of making a couple of home made jumps to put on the track as well.

@chktm, you noticed the boy's in blue hard at work, vinnie escaped they must have known he was running the tenshock & knew they would not catch him lol they cruise in there a lot & sometimes sit & watch us.
You will have to kick start your mate & get him racing with you again.
Vinnies too quick eh lol. I'll show my mate your vid and hopefully it'll help spark the interest as we used to have a ball but he always had issues with the gyro in the old bike. I eventually did some up for him but they never got used. We had a tri oval going and it worked great for fun with another bike. Plenty of take outs and laughs, no broken bones although my Vinne lost his head in a clash . Still plenty of people I've got to show though and hopefully we can get some bashing going. Now you know the fun running with someone else. I bought my son one but I can't get him off the computer games.
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