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1) Simply press fit both ends of the Tail Boom by hand. If you're running wires inside the Tail Boom, then I highly recommend being very careful when press fitting either end, making certain not to pinch or kink the wires. I highly recommend loosely winding the Tail Motor wires on the outside. I haven't had a problem with running the wires on the outside, although I'm careful when I handle the Tail Boom. I crash big time, and Tail Booms are one of my most common break items, but I'm OK with that because I cut my own from CF tube, and it takes less than a min to replace a Tail Boom without any tools if the wires are on the outside. If you don't pinch the wires going in or out of the Tail Boom, then I think the next likely place to damage the Tail Motor wires is over the sharp edge at the back end of the Tail Motor. I definitely make certain the Tail Motor wires have their heat shrink located at that sharp edge and do everything I can to route the wires so they are NOT press squeezed over the sharp corner. Walkera's use of a protective cover over the wires is a good preventive measure; however, the wire's heatshrink has to be properly positioned first, and the wires should be routed in a way such that when the protective Cover is installed it doesn't pinch the wires over the sharp edge more than absolutely necessary.

2) The official Walkera website:
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