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EC-12M Manufacturers:
  • Buddy Black: 1968-1970
  • Reynolds Manufacturing: 1968-1983
  • Carr's Boatyard: 1970-1973
  • Model Yachts and Things: 1970-1978
  • Hartman Fiberglass R/C: 1971-Present
  • Leisure Products: 1972-1974
  • Treasure Tooling: 1975-1978
  • Cork Sails: 1976-1980
  • Dumas Products: 1976-2004
  • Hickman Marine: 1977-2005
  • Crump and Associates: 1977-1983
  • Bob's Boatyard: 1979-1981
  • Robin Yachts: 1980-1983, 1999-Present
  • William Schell: 1983-1988
  • Bill Low: 1987-1991
  • Puritan Yachts: 1992-1996
  • Ozmun Design: 1986-2000
  • Sailcraft: 1988-1995
  • Graves Little Boatyard: 1998- 2000
  • George Ribeiro Products: 1998- 2000
  • Brawner Boats: 1999-2005
  • RMD Marine: 2005-Present
  • Ludwig Enterprises: 2005-2009
  • Blue Crab Yachts: 2006-Present
  • CPM: 2010-Present

The effort for an IEC-12M class included the creation of a new primary hull plug with the intention future hulls be built to a tighter tolerance. Existing hulls were to be grandfathered into the new class.

In 1989 the IEC-12M technical committee selected the Hartman Fiberglass R/C plug as the basis of the new primary hull plug.

This being considered by the IEC-12M technical committee as the nearest existing hull to the original design the class is founded upon. This eventually became the plug the Puritan Yachts mold came from
Intersting NOTE: Puritan Yachts: 1992-1996 & The Graves Little Boatyard Mould if not previously registered cannnot be registered now.. I assume this is the current Hull Shape if it was approved for Manufacture, 1998 - 2000.. Could only be something wrong with the mould, otherwise questions need to be asked???

In 1992 the IYRU-MYRD placed the IEC-12M class on a two-year probation with intention to remove sanctioning unless the issues are resolved.

When efforts for an international organization stalled, Tom, as Puritan Yachts, submitted his hull to the AMYA and received approval after close scrutiny in 1992. Prior to approval, the gunwale had to be lowered 1/4" at station 20, but otherwise it is a middle-of-the-road yacht relative to AMYA-approved yachts. The newest AMYA-approved hull manufacturer, Puritan Yachts, was actually a chance result of efforts to make the EC-12M an international class. Unfortunately, after only producing nearly thirty hulls, Tom Jordan and Puritan Yachts ceased production.

The 1995 new standard class plug is based upon the middle-of-the-road Puritan.

In the US, we have locally and nationally continued to race under the AMYA class rule through it all.

  • (Just thought I would make the History at little easier to read by arranging in a timeline...)


I suppose what really concnerns me is that the current shape was being dictated in 1995..

15 Years later Australia with their small band of Interlopers now say we must Follow..

And the Original Plug only produced nearly 30 Hulls it ceased production in 1996..

ALL of the current Manufacturers appear to be post 2000...

No mentioon of what Plug was used as the Master..

Most likely a Copy of a Copy... Which brings with it the problems of manufacture..

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