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Can anyone clarify the following questions:
And the Copies keep coming; 7 that are known; how many in other Countries.
Sorry I do not know personally
Are the Copies (as identified above) taken from the master or from a Sub Master??????
My understanding is that there is a master PLUG. As each request for a mould is received a mould is made from that plug for the proposed builder.
At what number of Copies from the USA Master or Sub Master, do you stop and start the process over??????
Why should they stop? with a master plug there is little chance of a deterioration in the quality of the process.
What is the production life expectancy (numbers) of the 7 known copies, before the owners are required to purchase yet another Copy????
That would come down to each individual builder and their skill in making hulls without damaging their mould.

Notice to buyers of hulls and boats:
New hulls are registered through the approved manufacturers above.
Unregistered hulls and boats cannot be registered without verification they were approved at the time of manufacture.
Hulls and boats that have never been registered with the Class from Dumas Products, Graves Little Boatyard and The Boat Shop cannot be registered. Why??????
Because those makers were turning out boats which were not legal at the time so should not have the benefit of this grandfathering clause.

So let me stress that each of these makers moulds are not copies but originals made from a "solid"? plug that does not change with each use.
It is the closest that the class can come to being "ONE DESIGN" as is practicable.
I hope this goes some way toward answering some of your questions Bob.
I shall deal with John`s questions separately if I may.
Best wishes. Ian HB.
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