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Originally Posted by eltreato View Post
Thanks for the input, the tail belt gear problem is one I haven't read about yet. So I've ordered a carbon Align tail tube and an Align tail boom block in hopes they keep the tail tight. I've also ordered some new align ball link things for the ends of my links, I'm hoping they'll work with the existing stock balls better than some of the super loose links that came with my HK FBL head. I dug up a pair of 450 skids that should be a bit more crash resistant than the stockers, I think they'll work well until I get this thing dialed in. Eventually I'll put on some carbon blades after a few steady flights. Between these mods and the kevlar tail belt, I feel like I'm on the right track, and remain open to other recommendations.

All the best!
First, the align tail boom mount is better than the HK one, but you need to sand off about .005" from the blocks and the nuts to reduce the size of the opening. It is a little too large to keep the boom tight. Test fit it before you install so you don't make it too small and crush the boom.
The align balls don't work with HK balls. The HK balls are about .003" bigger than the align balls which will cause the align ball links to be too tight. Resizing won't loosen up enough. You need to order the align ball kit.
The other biggest issue I had and a friend of mine also had was the swash plate bearing was loose causing a major lack of control. We both replaced with an align swash plate and the response was precise as it should be. Check for excessive play between the swash plate and the follower.
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