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Do you know what an "Atomic Clock" is? They're just normal quartz crystal clocks with a radio receiver. Mine sets it self every night, it picks up the radio signal from the US standard Cesium clock in Colorado. The work "Atomic" is just marketing hype.


So I went into the local Wally World to get myself an Atomic Clock. I found some on the shelf. I was standing there holding one reading the back of the package when one of the store clerks came over and asked me if I need any help. Sure, are these the Plutonium Atomic Clocks or the Uranium Atomic Clocks? Everybody knows that the plutonium ones are more accurate.

The guy just looks at me for a second then he grabs one of the clocks and now he's looking at the box trying to figure it out. He looked at each of the different ones there trying to figure it out. Finally he says, I'm going to go ask my supervisor, and disappears.

Maybe next time I go I should bring my Geiger Counter?

I still have the clock.

It would seem that the days of going into a store and finding a knowledgeable person to help you are gone...
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