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Originally Posted by kdean View Post
I flew my first rc plane today, i also crashed my first rc plane today. Same flight. I was helping one of the guys set up his gasser 30 sized helis, later while he was flying his little electric cub he asked if i wanted to 'get a feel'. I told him it was to windy but he insisted, and i could not say no. it was going good for a while, the wind was pushing it around but i was able to keep it level. Then i got cockey and tried to bank turn it, bank and yank. The wind pushed it into a nose down death spin and i could not recover. The damage was not that bad, and they say it could be fixed easily. I convinced him that i would buy the plane if he fixed it. He would not let me buy from him, so he is going to fix it and give it to me. Thats my xmas present for the year. Im now thinking if i should put a walkeraV rx (2614) in it or just use the extra 2801pro???

This will be a fun ride....

These guys were flying near where i fly my helis. I can tell that it won't be long before i build one. Theirs don't have rudder controls, just 2 flaps in the back. Works pretty good. Nice and simple and they SCREAM. lol. Real cheap. They build them out of construction foam sheets.

i call them "Foam Screamers". (4 min 12 sec)
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