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I finally flew my MM last weekend. I was almost caught out by the near vertical climb (at about two thirds throttle) but managed to catch it with a lot of down. Some fellow club members who have a MM say that they have down elevator mixed in with throttle. Personally I probably won't bother doing that as I like to feel that I'm the one doing the actual flying rather than the computerised radio.

But once over that initial scare, she flew beautifully. I'd added quite a few ventilation holes around the fuse and spinner backplate without making it look like Swiss cheese but it was in the back of my mind to be careful with too much throttle to prevent overheating.

When I landed after about 8 minutes power on/ floating (about 50% of each) the ESC was only warm.

I have to say though, that I really enjoyed the MM's graceful turns. I could have caught a few thermals but as I was maidening FOUR different planes that day ( HK's FW190 Pirate- which is an absolute joy to fly- my new AXN and my HK Pitts Special) I didn't want to push my luck. In the end I maidened three of the four, with the Pitts having to wait until next weekend.

But all in all, a great morning's flying.
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