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Originally Posted by noobee View Post

here are the changes i'm considering, would like some feedback if this makes sense:
- replace AILL with AUX_GAIN for master gain (should connect to a TX knob).
- enable stick dynamic gain, similar to angle mode on multiwii (gain drops as you move the stick further from center position).
- enable stick rate-of-rotation, stick controls the expected rate of rotation so that the stabilizer does not try to fight your control by always trying correct towards "zero rate". stick dynamic gain may make this one unnecessary.
- oscillation detection. this one is interesting. i think it is possible to detect oscillations with zero-stick input and reduce the channel PID parameters.
- settable neutral stick position after trimming (maybe drop this).
- vr knob controls both gain AND direction (so don't need the DIP switches).
- support wing and vtail (using the now freed up DIP switches).
- processing gui (this one seems hard on the 168pa based on the amount of memory i've used on the 328p already).
- any other suggestions? (there is no accelerometer on the v1 or v2 so no 3d hold, wing leveling, etc )
Some good ideas there well done

Not so keen on the VR knob controlling direction, I prefer to set that in hardware
Stick dynamic gain and oscillation detection both brilliant ideas.

Oh and please make it simple to do the GUI looks like the way to go , I can't seem to do entering long strings of code correctly


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