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Might just want to check....


Congrats on a clean looking Hobie Hawk. I have several, but I've always wanted a white one... good score.

I would highly recommend that you check out my website on proper set-up for the Hobie Hawk:

The two most critical things are: CG and wing tip washout. The above page goes through how to properly set that up.

The most inmportant thing about flying it is to keep in mind that the Hobie Hawk flys with a NOSE DOWN attitude, so it is hard to judge this planes airspeed by using the fuse and horizon as a reference... you have to FLY an hobie hawk, don't mush it along! You can tell this because if you are getting close to stall speed your rudder inputs will cause it to "waggle" more than turn.

As for why your push rods are binding, check that they are not crossed and also the Z bend in the rudder pushrod where it exits the fuse can be angled down at a 45 degree and that helps.

IMPORTANT NOTICE ON ORIGINAL PUSHRODS: Be aware that depending on what year your hawk was built it could be near 30 years old and the material on the original Hobie Hawks' used to secure the f'glass pushrods to the threaded metal portion can get dried out and FAIL. Make sure your bond between these is SECURE!

SO: Check CG, Washout, keep it FLYING... good luck and HAVE FUN with your beautiful plane! You'll turn heads with a Hobie Hawk anywhere you fly it!

Keep us posted!

Oh, here is my SLOPE Hobie Hawk that I have yet to fly (no slopes around here!) It has a 6 foot wing span with an RG-15 airfoil - I can't wait!

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