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Originally Posted by rc oldie View Post
I first started flying r/c in the mid-70's...mostly high wing trainer types. I went to Pattern contests at our local club and was amazed with the speed and precision of planes such as Kaos, Mach 1, Dirty Birdy, Quick Fly. I always wanted to fly this kind of plane, but my skills were no where even close to being enough. I got out of flying in the mid 80's and I just returned to an old love 3 years ago. I was heartbroken to find out what pattern had become. No more sleek planes with retracts and .61's on a pipe. Anyway, I got into flying aerobatic gassers and my skills are now 10 times what they were as a kid. Now I have finally got the chance to own a REAL Pattern plane, a Tiporare that I picked up from a fellow flier who had no idea what it was.I flew it for the first time this past weekend and wow, what a thrill. The sound of the rear exhaust O.S.61 and the sight of a high speed pass with the gear up. What a rush !!!!

Your story is a familiar one here in the Classic Pattern section. The emotions that you speak of are what is fueling the resurgence of Classic Pattern.

Welcome back and please contribute as you experience more with your Tipo.

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