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Flip a coin, and do what you like....there are "pros and cons" to each.... My preference in anything below 30% scale is a BEC, 30% scale, Lipos directly into a "Power Safe" receiver.

Pros for BEC Pro.... (or any BEC)

ease of use....set it up and basically forget it...
adjustable voltage
no need for another switch (to switch off between flights)
normally run off of the flight pack (though some people do use a 3S pack and then run a BEC as a regulator.)
fairly light weight, so doesn't effect CG too much.
fairly consistent power

Cons... for BEC Pro...

normally runs off of flight pack, so, if you have a flight pack failure, there goes the plane.
you need to mount it where it can get good cooling
needs to be kept at least one to two inches away from the receiver (according to Bernie at Castle)

Pros for separate battery...

No loss of plane if you have a flight pack failure
Don't have to keep it away from the receiver.

Cons for separate battery....

heavier than BEC (but can be used to help adjust for CG)
another battery to charge
usually a switch involved so that you can turn it off between flights
unless you go with a large battery (or a 3S lipo and regulator), loss of servo speed/performance over a period of a few flights (unless you recharge between flights).

I'm sure there are more "pros and cons" for each, but this was just a quick list...

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