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Hi tritan,

o.k. fine ... now we worked out that the trouble-maker is somewhere in your pc.
windows xp is fine, but there may be an issue with "microsoft framework" ... this addon is mostly used for programming graphical interfaces (like the pull down menus).
try to update microsoft frameworks, itīs free on the microsoft pages.

otherwise write a letter to santa
value tip ... due win8 the tablets have a great boom .... and the prices of the netbooks (10") are going down.
i use a "acer aspire one d720" for live telemetry on the field and prog settings on the workbench. bright display ~230cd, 1,6mHz ... fast enough for google earth live, live video with grabber also ok. (but only viewing, no grabbing). 8h runtime on win7. price fall below 200eur in the last weeks.

cu Thomas

it worked fine with the neighbourgs laptop but I was a bit puzzled why it didnt worked on my old laptop. Well, I asked my neighbour again and as he is employed at a well known software company he talked to some of his friends at work and found that I probably just had to change the fonts from large to normal in the control panel - thats it! So now I again can use my IBM oldie from the mid 90's again with ET software OSD!
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