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Originally Posted by alfoot View Post
Hi all,

Here’s my way of achieving a hassle-free take-off with the Auto-G, similar to DD's method but with a few subtle differences:-

Firstly, if you are new to autogyros, it's a good idea to get a feel for how fast the rotor needs to turn to generate enough lift - suggest holding the Auto-G into wind and tilting it backwards about 45 degrees or so. You will see, hear and feel how fast it will turn, with a nice swishing noise. You can also play with the rotor tilt control and feel how it will react, and if it wants to turn left or right with the autogyro held in your hand. Re-trim if it feels like it wants to go one way or the other.

Now that you know what the rotor revs look like, line the autogyro up into wind – this will help to spin the rotor up.

Spin the rotor up by hand, I do it by sticking a finger in close to the rotor hub.

Apply about a third of the throttle so that the autogyro moves forwards SLOWLY, about walking pace.

Keep it into wind at walking pace and wait for the rotor to spin up some more.

Once the rotor is spinning noticeably, apply a bit more throttle, maybe three quarters, so that the autogyro accelerates then lift off like a normal fixed wing aircraft.

If you do it like this there is almost no requirement to use any rotor tilt control.

It takes more time to write down the procedure than to actually do it.

Check out the movies I posted on the thread previously to see it in action.

Hope this helps,

Ditto. I have also tried the hand launch method (after flying the smaller LA Rotorshape, which must be hand launched). Hand launch was total non event, with the model just rising out of my hand at approx 70% throttle. ROG is much cooler though .
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