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Originally Posted by SpinningProp View Post
Not sure if this has been talked about....I'm sure it has, I just haven't searched.
After repairing my PW900 following a major crash which required quite a bit of glue
I decided to check the CG down the center line (front to back) to see if both halves were balanced. It was way off !!
It must have been off even before the crash, (I had never checked it before) because I had to add 8grams of weight right next to the left wing servo to balance it perfectly. There's no way I used 8grams of glue doing the repair! I kept the weight right on the 'fore & aft CG line' so it wouldn't throw that off.
A cold front just blew in early this morning, so it will be a couple of days before I can fly it again. I like this 900 so much that I just ordered the 1200.
I had the same problem. What I did was put a nickle on the outside tip in a slot I cut and hot glued it in.
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