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D60 is certainly fast on the frontside, needs a good blow to get the best from it tho.

I currently own a Carbon Bird and a Sunbird in the 60" class, but have also had the Banana and Flying Fish (aka Genesis). I was disappointed in the Banana, as mentioned too light and flexable. F/Fish was ok but lack of flaps meant that only flying it was enjoyable, landing was a bit hit or miss using spoilerons, but I don't get on with them TBH.

The layup on my Sunbird is good, it's not a HK or Olec supplied version, mine came from Sloperacer. It's my 2nd SB and the quality is noticably better than the earlier version I had. Wing skins and boom are noticably stiffer.

Flying wise there's not a lot of difference between the Bird and the SB. Last time I flew both back to back I think the SB was slightly faster, but it is slightly heavier. But there's not a lot in it.

I think you do have to consider what exactly HK are getting from Olec, HK's versions are a lot cheaper than the 2nds that Olec offer. Not sure I'd take the gamble of a HK version myself. But provided RCRCM's QC doesn't go down the pan due to knocking out to HK, I'd certainly get another Sunbird. They fly really well and the big flaps are fantastic for crow. However if their QC does go bad, then I think either the Ocelot I or a Prodij HM is next for me.

The Prodij is getting good reports but is top $$$ for a 60", but still cheaper than a D60 (in the UK anyway).
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