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Originally Posted by tonyh0905 View Post
This is really great news!

Has anyone upgraded yet....and been crazy enough to test Parrots claims?
I upgraded but have not fully put it to the test... Still I will say this: When I first started using Murimod I also used flight mode 1 (with down camera stabilization) and prior firmware that included the too much angle emergency routine. In that scenario I crashed on almost every flight (without any collision). Now with both new firmware and using FM2, I find it almost impossible to crash unless I actually do run the drone into something.

However I am getting a sharp yaw, usually to right, upon deceleration in the forward direction. It seems to be more stable if going sideways or backwards and seems to be occurring mostly only in moderate wind (7+ mph maybe). I am still tweaking the config in Murimod and plan to test No_shell parameter being with the only difference in configs as soon as conditions are right.

Update at 1420 hours.. did some back and forth in some wind and I did not notice any difference with no_shell parm set to either 1 or 0. (Not enough testing to be sure though)... seems to be a problem only when going into the wind and I suspect that is all it is, the drone just cant handle the wind I have been flying in.
I had one time at 75 feet or so where it went 45-60 degrees to one side while yawing but it recovered. A second time it flipped more than that at lower height and crashed feet first (might have recovered if it was higher).
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