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Originally Posted by jonnewbie View Post
I watched part of that video, and he states the Links can be turned in 180* increments. I seriously doubt it. Every heli Link I've ever bothered to take a very close look has "polarized" eyelets which are only to be installed in one direction (i.e. are intended to be turned in full 360* increments). The difference between one side of the eye and the other is one side's hole is beveled and the other side's hole is not beveled. The side with the beveled hole is the side that should be pushed on to the Ball. Trying to push the non-beveled side of the eye onto a ball is very difficult, and will often result in busting your balls.

Here's indoorheli's video:

mCPX Swashplate & Pitch Tips - indoorHELLi 006 (9 min 24 sec)

(He uses a Swashplate leveler tool, there is also a way to do pretty much the same thing with a tie-wrap, and it would be nice to do; however, I don't think it is absolutely necessary because of the way the EL and AIL Gyros work - in fact, I'm thinking time would be better spent making certain the launch site and Landing Skid were horizontally level)

BTW, I'm kind of a newbie myself, so don't take everything I say as expert opinion. I'm just trying to help.
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