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OK, I think it's time I 'spilled the beans' on exactly how I get this thing in the air without breaking it (at least how I do it ).

Line the Auto-g directly in to the wind (if any!).
Give the rotors a spin by hand if there isn't enough wind to do it for you.
With 100% ATV's on Aileron control give it Full right aileron and keeping it there, bring the throttle up so she starts moving forward.
Use a little (a lot to begin with) right rudder to keep tracking directly in to wind.
Most important - do NOT touch the elevator.
Slowly increase the throttle and as soon as she starts to lift, decrease the aileron - but only enough to stop a right hand turn.
As soon as you reach 'flying speed' you'll find that the aileron and rudder can be released completely and she should fly straight up and away - turn left or right according to the circuit you wish to complete.

Since using this method I haven't broken any 'Y' pieces and haven't had one single unsuccessful ROG. I haven't yet tried the hand launch as I don't like relying on other people to get my toys airborne and it's proved so easy from the floor it's totally not required.

Just to clarify - I did break the first 'stock' Y blade holder piece almost straight away (thankfully got a couple of flights in first) and the second plastic part didn't last long either! The ply alternatives have served well since but I haven't had a 'blade strike' to prove whether or not they're a good thing (rather have the weak link away from the blades?).

The biggest problem is getting the blades up to speed before lift off - that's what I've read from the posts here anyway - especially if you're (like me!) new to Auto-Gyro models.

Best of luck with your ROG :P
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