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Originally Posted by gr8flyer55 View Post
The stumbling block for almost all DIY HV designs is definitely the transformer.
I think your design works just perfectly for me. If we can just standardize on an E-core I think we can convert the turns to wire lengths. Then if we (by we I mean you) write up a good set of instructions, it will be fairly easy for a new user to do the winding.

Then one of us can buy some big spools of the wire, cut off the right lengths, and put them together with a core to make a complete DIY transformer winding kit.

Once that's done I think we can put together kits very easily. All the winding work will be farmed out to the end user, and they get the fun of learning to wind a transformer!

The transformer winding part put me off at the beginning, because I've never done it before. But if everything it worked out to a T, I think it would be fun and easy. Most of the pre-fab transformers I see are way to expensive compared to the actual cost of the core and wire, and I wouldn't know how to pick the right one anyways.

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