Thread: Help! Trex 450 pro V2 setup.
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Originally Posted by Spookeay View Post
nothing works right as in when I throttle up I get crazy right pitch......... and just a bunch of other movements that are obviously out of wack..
Double check your servo hookup looking from the back of the heli the rear servo is the elevator! plug to your the elev chan.(3?) front right servo aileron! plugged to the aileron chan.(2?) and front left is pitch chan 6? haven,t looked at one of the manuals for a while so not sure of your rx labeling. In your post above these symptoms could show a miss wire after you check that the right servos are in the right plugs then you may need to do some servo reversing and possible setting the direction of swash travel to get everything moving the right direction and together (aileron stick left and aile. servo pulls down, right stick up and pitch servo arm up, elevator stick up and elev. servo arm moves up,) and together just a thought........ been there and done that!!!! hope I got that right on the servo and stick movement directions old age and my helis are about 500 miles away right now
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