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Originally Posted by eagle777 View Post
Heh, my comment about the top & bottom of the plastic case....Geometry..ummm.

I put a couple washers (1.4mm) under the arm on the Tarot tail to start, and it worked! I ended up with 6 0.25mm shims, and there is no binding whatsoever. I hope this helps someone else. Thanks again.
Take a close look at these two sliders and you'll see why you had problems.

The upper one is the Pro slider, they removed the raised bit where the ball screws in in order to move the ball in closer to the center of the slider and reduce slop. If you use a Pro bellcrank and an ESP slider the plastic cup rubs the slider and causes resistance. You can shim it like you did or you can put the cup in upside down and ream the hole at the small end of the cup slightly to allow the ball to move freely (it will restrict the neck of the link ball otherwise) Best way to do this is try it ream a little, try again, until you have it free, then glue it in. If you do this the link ball must be screwed in from underneath the arm though the cup. Personally I think your method is better as it leaves the possibility of upgrading to the pro slider and grips later on.

If you use a Pro slider and Pro tailgrips together on an ESP belt tailbox you need to use the plastic links from an ESP slider or they can lock. Just using the slider alone or the grips alone can't lock but because the Pro links are slightly shorter and the Pro tailgrips have slightly shorter arms they can lock up when used together.
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