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No No No. I only asked about applying elevon as I said to your Aux1/2 channels assigned to your TV. I asked Andy if Spek would allow independent assignment of some of the preset mixes, pitch assignment, pitch/roll, Rudder/pitch, Ail/Rudder; Assigned to the needed paired channels. The QQ radio has a bit of this now with Canard setup. But for some reason if they allow one set of functions it may effect others so its not entirely open.
As for RXs, there is the orange 9 channel. I've used them. I have had 2 different Orange 7s brown out on me but I was so high up with my P6 and a Park flier 540. But I still use them. I wouldn't for this model. As said the Spek 9 or 12 is your better choice but I also said putting the TV Yaw and a separate channel to place it on a switch isn't really necessary. So your 8 will do if you place one side of the tailerons in the extra channel and swap the Y to separate radio wires as I originally mentioned.
Even with my 9 channel I opted for taileron and then flapperon because as with the Euro I end up leaving TV on except on landing where the TV Yaw has the least impact being always on. So since you already spent the money on the 8 as said you can try one and do the other later.

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Nope. I would have to un-Y the elevators before I could get elevons and I'm out of channels with this 8 receiver. Crap! Going to HAVE to get a bigger one. Whats a good receiver out there with lots of channels that will work with the DX18 that doesn't cost a fortune? Is there one? Or do I just need to buy quality spectrum stuff? I don't want to loose a plane due to a poor receiver.
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