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I have not had the opertunity to fly any other fbl units other than the walkera V rx's and the beastX so i cant compare with the 3gx or zyx, or any other fbl units. But i can say that walkera V's are better than a flybar (more stable and consistant in wind, not with piro's), and beastX is better than both walkerV or flybar. My flying skills (or lack there of) have not yet streached the limits of the beastx but they do max out the walkera v's. I cant wait to put a beastX in my 600, but want to get its tt tail section first. I made up the 'Y' harnes for 12s/p last night, so the next time i fly the 600 will be with the 12s setup. Once i build up my 6s 3000 40c collection, i'll then work on converting it to 12s series. But thats another $200 worth of stuff i'll have to buy.

Things were so simple when i only had a V400 or three....
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