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I had trouble keeping my props on the model at 100% brake strength (never did with 6S, this started when switching to 10S). Reduced both the brake ramp and the max brake strength a bit and now they seem to stay on. I use fairly big (and heavy) Sergey's though.
On my Neu 1515 motor and Pils prop with full brake and Pils prop it was very apparent how hard the brake was, almost painfull to hear the prop slam shut, even got some comments from fellow pilots during training. That's reduced a bit too now, it was just too hard to my liking. Max brake may work for some, just not for me...

Fixed endpoints: with the ICE HV I could reduce throttle throw in the transmitter on the 'off' side to about 62% and it would still arm reliably. (On the LV 125/180 it was about 82% for reference). Full throttle at about 83% throw if I recall correcly.

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