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Originally Posted by BThirsk View Post
I do not consider anything caused by crash damage to be a defect.
But new items that don't work out of the box or none crashable items like Transmitters are factory defects. The RXs in the MasterCP that won't bind with Fixed ID out of the box are defects. If I had crashed the Master, I would never ask for warranty, but I had not even lifted it of the floor as many others with the same issue.
I don't know how it is handled where you are, but if you buy a 300.00 televison here or a 3000.00 television, they both have one year warranty against defects. That covers defects, not droping on the floor.
The Master CP is pretty comparable to the Blade SR. I know they are different technology, but the quality and pricing is similar. The only difference is the blade has a better dealer network, in North America, at least. If you buy a blade and it has definate defects out of the box, they replace the defective part. Even the servo issue I have on my mini I can live with, but when a TX that costs 250.00 to 500.00 has an issue, that should be fixed. These products are not really sold as a low grade product, but advertised as Spectrum or Futaba quality.
Walkera does offer and honor warranties on its products. There had been more than 20 instances where my damaged receivers had been repaired for free, irrespective whether they were caused by a crash or not. Also, we can definitely get transmitters repaired under warranty for free. However, it must be done through a vendor. The problem is that overseas vendors are very reluctant to send things back to China for repairs.

Conversely, we cannot deal with HH directly in Hong Kong. Vendors have to send items back to the US for repair. Needless to say, they are very reluctant to do so. Therefore, the service we get in Hong Kong for Blade helicopters is more or less the same you get for Walkera in N. America.

You will not see any significant improvement unless there is a major distributor or agent in N, America. However, the prices will likely to be much higher then. Not only that, the prices of Internet vendors in Hong Kong / China would have to be raised as well in order not to undercut the N. American distributor.

I think the most important thing for Walkera to improve on is to at least not ignore customers' inquiries, even if they could not deal with it directly. I can see why any factory does not want to deal with customers directly. For a start, it is complicated to send electronics back to China. In fact, there is actually some sort of a ban by USPS. There are reports that some items for repairs have even been taxed by the Chinese customs.
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