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Originally Posted by RoboSerg View Post
peterlngh thanks for extensive answers!

I am now actually thinking between phoenix 2000 OR durafly dynamic-s.
Does anyone has both of them? Which flies better? Does dynamic-s has really better quality? I cant decide...
I have both. They are completely different animals. Birds, hopefully. The dynamic S they call a 'warmliner', and the supplied motor & ESC move it along quite briskly. Not anywhere near a hotliner speed, but you still have to be on your toes at all times. It's not very relaxing flying it, imho. With the motor off, it flies like a brick. Well, not that bad, but you need to constantly be on the throttle lever varying the power. It stalls quite easily when you slow it down for landing, so you need to keep the speed up. You WILL overshoot lots of landings.

The P2K is quite relaxing to fly, and somewhat difficult to fly well. I prefer it because I like the challenge of staying aloft with nothing other than the sun heating the earth in different amounts. Can be quite challenging. The strongest thermals I've ever experienced have been in the winter, with a thin layer of snow cover on the ground. As it melts in places, the dark colored earth warms up, while the snow cover just reflects the sun and doesn't heat up. I've been in boomers in the winter. The nice thing is they're not that big, so you can fly out of them easily, unlike the boomer thermals in the summer where the entire sky seems to be headed towards the heavens.

So, I guess it depends what you're looking for. A sailplane or a warmliner. Completely different flying.

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