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Originally Posted by Flyer95 View Post
I think many go for 8s because they already have 4s packs for the smaller planes and just do them in series. Higher voltage usually means better efficienty but in case of serial packs it also usually means more weight and complexity.
If the weight is really needed to balance the plane then the heavier A60-5S on 7-8s should do better and be more efficient at the same power output otherwise the lighter A60-6XS on 6s 5000mah gives a lighter and more forgiving plane for 3D.
Right, I guess if I had any existing 4S packs in the right size, that would make the choice much easier. But I have no existing batteries to use so I'll be buying new ones regardless.

How do the thrusts compare between an 8S and 6S setup, assuming a 19" prop on 8S and a 21" prop on 6S? Are they about the same? I mean the peak wattage of both the A60-5S and A60-6XS is about the same (around 2500W), though I imagine that the actual thrusts could be quite different since they spin different props and operate at different RPMs.
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