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let me see if I have this right.

If you have the software opened up. and you choose the option 270 deg west, and you hit 10 % more, (or less whatever the case), then it will only go so far.

So if you repeat that in the other direction, and while you have the software open, and it is hooked up,

You can only get the servo to go so far.

Like, it is a physical impossibility to make it go farther....

I would say that it has something to do with the pot inside the servo.

If you follow those steps, and it won't go further than 60deg, then it is a 60 deg servo.

That or you are doing something wrong.

Eagle Eyes, and OSD Pro, has some parameters set from the default of the firmware.

But for our purposes of setting pan and tilt, they are stupid until you teach them what you want them to do,

So, It is either a physical impossibility for that servo to move beyond what it is moving, or it is something that you are not doing correctly.

Originally Posted by The fish View Post
My problem is not the tilt. that's working fine.

My problem is that panning takes the servo only 60 degrees to each side instead of 120 degrees. I've watched the video you sent + followed the manual correctly, but still nothing helps.

I tried a different servo and same thing happens...
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