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On mine, I just screwed the steering arm to the strut, using the set screw that came with it, so mine is free pivoting on the strut. I figured that will take the strain off the rudder servo, but I might still change it.

I can see two ways to fix the block to the strut so it still has steering from the rudder servo - either just put a couple of blobs of epoxy on it, or drill the part where the strut goes through it and tap it to take another set screw. Come to think of it you could do both - start with the set screw and epoxy or CA it once you're sure you won't need to change it.

Incidentally, there's a knack to using taps and dies. You don't just keep turning, because it will clog and snap something - usually the bolt you're putting a thread on, or the tap, if you're tapping a thread in a hole. Instead you give it a turn, then back off a quarter turn or more, wiggle it backwards and forwards a bit to clear out the swarf, then do the next turn. If it feels stiff, stop and go back a bit, don't just keep twisting.

The part of the leg that holds the wheel has two bars that connect the two pieces. I just filed the holes in one side of the steering arm block so they line up. I might have had to enlarge both, I forget. The main thing was the distance between them wasn't quite right, so I filed one into an oval.
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