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The best plane to learn on in my opinion is the Champ from Horizon, and if you have a compatible, programmable tx program in 15% down elevator at full throttle, a bit of expo (I actually use a lot) and if you can program a throttle curve, program it so its relatively flat in the cruise range.

That's about the easiest flying plane I have though a case could be made that the Easy Star might be better for learning since it too is a gentle but responsive plane and it's almost impossible to break a prop which is not true of the Champ.

The J3 cub is hard for beginners since it will tip stall if you fly it too slow. Beginners wind up banging the stick from side to side when what they should do is give it throttle.

The Carbon Cub flies well in the hands of some, but the AS3X requires you to use both sticks in a turn. If you use just aileron and elevator the yaw gyro will try to fight the turn and it goes nose high, bewildering the inept.

Yeah, I love my Champ. I also love my MiG. It flies exactly where you point it but at the speed it goes you can't think about it too much.

Dumb advice since I don't know what you have to spend or what gear you normally fly with, but if I wanted to introduce someone to the hobby I'd get my Champ pretty high and after a bit of talk hand them the box and talk them through a few circles and maybe even a loop.

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