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One for History.

#02 Hull ID... AUS 02

The IE12 is Motoring along & will soon replace all the Old EC12's in Australia..

The task is soon to be achieved in 2099 with handover of Hull #25 at Midnight Dec 31 2099 to mark the new beginnings..

Originally Posted by Viking50 View Post

This is why it's designated an IE12,,,,, because it's not an EC12,...


I was trying to be good.

I was only half serious when I said Hull #25 would complete the takeover in 2099..

Last count there were less than 35 members of the OA & with a few from Overseas, this would leave a need for only a small number of boats. The vast majority don't even own an EC12 & as per the OA constip@tion cannot hold membership. The very same reason I gave up my very own OA Membership.. An Integrity thing,,,,

With so few numbers , production doesn't need to be ramped up... ..

It'll be a very long time before the IE12 gets off the ground, never mind into the water.. The Tragedy of having Only ONE MOULD & ONE AUTHORISED BUILDER..

And the ultimate Insult to Injury... NO, NOT ONE, AEC12OA Approved Measurer...

All takes time so 2099 might just be realistic.. In the meantime the antics of one particular individual has caused the EC12 to drop from a National Recognised Class to a State Class.

IMHO a better option as now the EC12 in the stronger States Like NSW & ACT can move ahead without the IE12 interloper.

IE12 Great Concept & Idea... Application was Up The Creek without a Paddle & in need of a dunny roll..

And yes you noticed the Decal Titles.. (I do hope they aren't molded into the Hull Gel Coat..)

As always An IE12 Is Not an EC12....

Can't even race an IE12 in NZL or USA..
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